11 of The Best Science Websites for Interactive Learning

11 of The Best Science Websites for Interactive Learning

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If you are looking for some great science websites for interactive learning then these eleven should, at the very least, scratch and itch. Most of these are aimed at younger learners but some will be as, if not more, entertaining for adults.

1. Edheads is great for younger aspiring scientists

Edheads is widely considered one of the best science websites for interactive learning for children. It has a large collection of interactive science-related activities that will keep children entertained whilst also expanding their little minds.

Activities include things like creating a line of stem cells, designing a cell phone, investigating a crash site and even performing brain surgery (minus the gore of course). They will also get to tinker with some basic machines and investigate the weather.

According to its website, its aim is to:-

"bridge the gap between education and work, thus empowering today’s students to pursue fulfilling, productive careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics."

2. Curiosity Machine will teach you about AI

Curiosity Machine helps children build, share and receive feedback from experts. Its main focus is on teaching children, and their parents, about the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Its main focus to bring family members together to learn and build their own AI.

It has a specific "Family Challenge" which is a "free, hands-on AI education program that brings families, schools, communities, and technology know-it-alls together to give everyone the chance to learn, play and create with AI."

Families will be guided through the basics of AI and are then encouraged to look around their local communities for potential problems to solve using their new skills. Proposals can then be submitted to win the competition.

3. Teachers TryScience is full of online experiments

Teachers TryScience is a website specifically designed to spark any young mind's interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. At its very core, it aims to bring design-based learning to children at home or at school.

According to its own website it helps children "to solve a problem in environmental science, students might need to employ physics, chemistry, and earth science concepts and skills."

To this end, it has a large collection of interactive experiments, field trips, and other adventures. It also includes lesson plans, strategies, and tutorials for teachers to better help them deliver awe-inspiring science lessons for their ever curious students.

4. The Exploratorium is the go-to site for interactive learning

The Exploratorium is the website arm of the San Francisco Exploratorium. This site offers hands-on experiences that will help teach children about basic, and more complex, scientific principles.

It covers subjects from many disciplines of science from biology and earth science to astronomy. The site also has a parent and teacher section that will provide free resources to help you plan and incorporate its interactive material to boost your child's learning.

5. Science Kids will engage your kid's mind

Science Kids is another interactive learning website that focusses on teaching children the wonders of science. The site has a great variety of interactive science games covering subjects from living things to physical processes and everything in between.

The great thing about this site's content is that it not only educates young minds but helps them put that knowledge to practical use to cement it in their memory. One particularly useful game will have your child design and build a virtual electrical circuit.

Each subject comes in modules that are then subdivided into subcategories. Living things, by way of example, is divided into food chains, microbes, and the human body etc.

6. BrainPOP will do just that

BrainPOP is a great site for interactive science learning and its very well designed to boot. It is a very active site for young students with a myriad of animations, movies, and short interactive quizzes.

It covers topics like cellular life and genetics, ecology and behavior, forces of nature, our fragile environment, scientific inquiry, and paleontology and anthropology. So young aspiring scientist is bound to find something that will spark their interest.

It also has some interactive coding lessons which are always fantastic ways to learn something they might not normally be exposed to. The site will have them hacking government websites in no time - only joking of course.

7. HHMI Biointeractive - it's in the name

HHMI's website is full of great 3-D interactive, virtual labs, and printable activities for you to use. Its material is both engaging and interesting for science-buffs of all ages.

These guys are famed for their award-winning virtual labs and high-quality informative videos so you know you are in good hands. Their site includes "Click & Learn" activities that include embedded video clips and animations, videos all of which have stop points and assessments to help check you've been paying attention.

8. Annenberg Learner Interactives is a great resource for Earth Science students

Annenberg Learner Interactives' Earth Science-related topics are full of great and easy-to-understand graphics and other interactive content. It has a good collection of interactive lessons cover the big things like the Earth's structure to plate tectonics.

The site also covers many other subjects with Earth Sciences from the Rock Cycle and Volcanoes that really makes this subject come alive to any young student. It also has other resources for other scientific subjects with interactive games and other lessons.

9. National Geographic Kids is fun and educational

Being created by National Geographic you know you can trust this site to by top quality. And it doesn't disappoint.

This site includes a large collection of videos, interactive activities, and fun games that will keep children of all ages engaged for hours on end.

National Geographic Kids' site is broken down into helpful subcategories for ease of navigating your child's learning. Each section contains extensive and informative write-ups on different animals from lions to whales supported with world class National Geographic footage.

Each section also includes memory games, quizzes, and other different activities to reinforce their learning by applying their new found knowledge.

10. PhET Interactive Simulations is all about Physics simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations is a real gem of an interactive and fun science-related website. Built and run by the University of Boulder, Colorado it has a vast collection of simulators covering most topics with physics from circuits to waves to quantum mechanics.

Be warned, however, you might find yourself aimlessly playing around with variables without noticing hours of your previous time have passed by. Do not, we repeat do not, try the spring simulation it is too much fun.

It also has some materials covering Earth Science, chemistry and life sciences but these are far less extensive.

11. Wonderville is great for all ages

Wonderville is another great science-related website that is packed with interactive activities for children.

According to the website Wonderville "makes learning science fun for kids. We help teachers teach and students learn. Used in 170 countries, our awarding-winning STEM content helps create lifelong learners."

Other than fun and entertaining games it also has a very good blog for the more curious children who want to go deeper into a subject.

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