This Photography Masterclass Is Still Available at Cyber Week Pricing

This Photography Masterclass Is Still Available at Cyber Week Pricing

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In the age of the smartphone, everyone likes to think of themselves as a full-fledged photographer. This new reality is somewhat understandable given the fact that even lower-end smartphone cameras are able to capture truly stunning images with a click of a button—without the need for any advanced lighting tricks or contrast adjustments.

Add to this the fact that there’s a wide range of powerful photo editing software that allows users to touch up any photo using auto-enhance features that seemingly eliminate the need to use more complex and frustrating programs like Photoshop.

But even with all the amazing photography technology and software that’s democratized the photo-taking experience, there remains a very noticeable gap between even the best smartphone photography and truly professional, manual photography that takes into account everything from lighting and scenery to in-person editing and development.

The Photography Diploma Master Class will teach you how to go from a run-of-the-mill smartphone photographer to a truly professional-grade manual photographer, and the entire master class is currently available for over 90% off at just $24.65 with code GIFTSHOPS15 today.

Whether you’re only interested in snapping better (and far more original) selfies, or you’re bent on starting a career as a professional freelance photographer, this CPD-certified course teaches you everything you need to know about manual photography from scratch.

Through twelve hours of expert-led instruction, you’ll learn how to dramatically expand your creative potential by understanding how to assemble truly jaw-dropping and calculated shots in any environment.

Your education is spread over four weeks and consists of three hours of coursework per week—during which time you’ll explore a variety of photographic styles and how they’re used in several forms of communication, gain a thorough understanding of capturing and recording different subjects or backgrounds, take a look at the various types of cameras that are currently available for any budget, study common functions that appear on most cameras, and more.

This instruction also walks you through the differences between a range of powerful lenses and teaches you how each one is used, shows you how to use light meters in order to understand your exposures, introduces you to the art of capturing the perfect amount of light in any setting, and much more.

There’s even content that focusses exclusively on rendering and exporting your photos for the digital world.

Get the skills you need to transform yourself from an average smartphone photographer into a full-fledged professional manual photographer with the Photography Diploma Master Class for just $24.65 with code GIFTSHOPS15—over 90% off its usual price while this special deal lasts.

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