This Complete Starter Kit Has Everything You Need to Build Your Own Arduino Projects

The Internet of Things revolution has completely changed the ways in which we interact with technology. Now, with only a limited number of supplies and funds, the curious and creative engineer can build anything from home automation systems to personal robots from the comfort of their garage.

Nothing has embodied this tech revolution like Arduino—a wonderfully compact yet powerful open source computer hardware and software platform that lets users build an almost limitless number of awesome gadgets.

The Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle has everything you need in order to get up and running with this game-changing technology, and right now it's available for 95% off at just $89.99. And if you already have your own Arduino hardware, you can pick up just the eLearning bundle for $29.99.

Whether you're a professional engineer or complete novice, working with Arduino is an endlessly enjoyable experience that combines solid state technology with a variety of programming platforms.

After a thorough introduction to the hardware and its unique functionality, this bundle will teach you how to create a variety of motion sensors that can detect anything from human movement to the position of the sun, powerful displays that utilize third-party LCD screens, database servers that can be used to store and analyze a wide range of information, and much more.

You'll even learn how to build your own video games and remote-controlled cars, through a series of instruction that introduces you to the endlessly fascinating world of robotics.

Each module in this bundle is aimed to outfit you with the skills you need to eventually design and build your own projects without the need for outside instruction, so you won't have to rely on manuals or online videos in order to get the job done.

Start working with the most exciting platform in DIY engineering with the Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle for just $89.99—95% off its usual price, or get the eLearning bundle on its own for just $29.99.

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