This Bundle Lets You Master Tableau 10, the Renowned Data Science Tool

You don’t need to be a Google engineer to know that virtually every aspect of technology has come under the dominance of data science and analytics. From search algorithms to finely-tuned marketing campaigns, a widespread reliance on pulling conclusions from massive data sets has come to redefine the ways in which companies sell and innovate new products and services.

You also don’t need to be a Google engineer to know that in order to be competitive when it comes to new opportunities, you at least have to have a basic understanding of the concepts, processes, and tools that drive data science and analytics.

Tableau is perhaps the most ubiquitous and quintessential software used by countless analytics professionals across a wide range of industries to map and visualize data, and the Complete Tableau 10 Data Science Bundle will get you up to speed with its most essential elements for just $19.

Although it can seem daunting at first, learning Tableau is relatively straightforward if you have the right instruction, and this bundle breaks down everything you need to know in easy-to-follow lessons that rely on real-world examples to keep you engaged.

You’ll begin with an introductory course that breaks down Tableau’s most essential functions via bite-sized videos and tutorials. You’ll learn everything from basic installation techniques to how to build standard visualizations.

From there, you’ll learn about the techniques that business professionals use in order to create a myriad of captivating charts and graphs, along with how Tableau can be used to draw simple and streamlined conclusions from endlessly complex sets of data.

There’s also a final course that dives into more advanced elements, including how to build your own dashboards, complex calculations, and interactive charts from scratch.

Start learning one of the most relied-upon tools in data science with the Complete Tableau 10 Data Science Bundle for just $19—over 95% off its usual price.

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