Scan and Match Any Color in Nature With the Nix Pro

Scan and Match Any Color in Nature With the Nix Pro

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The human eye is a truly amazing organ. Having been perfected over millions of years of natural selection, the eye can differentiate between roughly 10 million colors, and may even be able to detect single photons.

Unfortunately for design enthusiasts, the eye’s impressive ability to detect and translate an incredible array of complex colors is left unrequited by the brain’s inability to actually match those colors to various paint samples and real-world color libraries.

The Nix Pro Color Sensor brilliantly fills this evolutionary gap by letting you match virtually any color in nature to a massive collection of 38,000 real-world paint colors, and it’s on sale for over 25% off at just $249.

Much like its wildly popular little brother—the Nix Mini Color Sensor—the Nix Pro quickly scans any color critical surface and matches the exact color to a wide range of existing paint and digital color libraries. The Nix Pro takes things even further by allowing you to block out ambient light on every scan—meaning you’ll be able to fine-tune your match better regardless of how nuanced the scanned shade may be.

The Nix Pro also lets you import custom color libraries, export and record scanned color data, conduct a variety of A/B color comparisons for the perfect match, and share color schemes with colleagues or clients.

And although it’s not as small as the Nix Mini, the Nix Pro is still portable enough to take with you on any color-chasing adventure—making it perfect for artists and designers who like to grab their unique colors from remote locations.

Take the guesswork out of color matching with the Nix Pro Color Sensor—on sale for $249, over 25% off its usual price.

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