CES 2018 Kicks Off as Byton Unveils a Smart SUV with a Beautiful 50-inch Digital Dashboard

CES 2018 Kicks Off as Byton Unveils a Smart SUV with a Beautiful 50-inch Digital Dashboard

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The air is filled with excitement and the world is watching as new technology is showcased at this year's CES. Right out the gate, electric car company Byton unveiled their future forward vision of the electric car. The powerful SUV promises to make a huge splash in the EV and autonomous car market.

Byton's Electric Vehicle

What the Byton team has done with their concept is both elegant and technologically advanced, creating another reminder that there is still so much room for creative innovation in the world of EVs.

The Chinese start-up is not looking to create something lighting fast, but rather build a vehicle that can serve the needs of the everyday consumer.

Boasting an impressive 310-mile range from a single charge, the vehicle is on par with some of the leading electric vehicles currently on the market. Even more impressive is the car's autonomous features.

The vehicle will offer consumers the opportunity to give over total driving control to the EV due to a possible level 4 autonomous driving system. Showcased at CES, Byton plans to offer two versions of its vehicle. At the lower end, Byton will offer consumers, a single mounted pack with 272 horsepower. While at the higher end, the team intends to release a high-performance dual motor version with 475 horsepower.

Step Inside Byton

The exterior of the CES vehicle is nice but wait until to step inside. The Byton team is completely rewriting the SUV interior.

As you hop on board of the vehicle, your eyes are immediately drawn to the huge 50-inch wide and 8-inch tall screen. Looking like a mini theatre system, this screen will offer drivers a wide array of functions.

When looking at the Byton vehicle, you should take into consideration that vehicle experience is completely designed around being autonomous.

The car is not a car in the traditional sense of the word. The car is there to get you safely from point A-B but while on the journey you will be able to do just about anything you could while at home.

Byton's brand slogan says it perfectly, "Connect with technology to reconnect with life."

Inside the vehicle, you can find things like SIM cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC as well as shared connectivity.

The silent cabin-space even has technologies like facial recognition and gesture analytics to measure your movement or access other features in the electric vehicle.

Byton's vehicle hints at a time where driving may be considered a relaxing luxury, rather than a torturous necessity.

Overall the EV is another signal of the change to come. More great things are sure to be unveiled in Las Vegas at CES 2018.

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