YoCam Is A Tiny Waterproof Camera That Can Capture All Your Adventures

As smartphones have gotten more advanced (and pricey), action cams have become increasingly important for capturing those moments that may put your phone at risk. But despite what you may think you know, GoPro isn't the only player in the action cam game. The YoCam Versatile Waterproof HD Camera makes filming your wildest adventures as intuitive as possible - it can record HD video up to 20 feet underwater.

The YoCam is designed to be handled, not strapped to a helmet — all the camera controls are easily within reach, making it perfect for snapping quick selfies and catching spontaneous action. It features robust optical image stabilization, so you’ll maintain image clarity when things get bumpy, and securely attaches to any standard camera mount.

With its advanced companion app, you can preview footage, tweak settings, and edit video for social media sharing. And when you are out of the house and need to keep an eye on things, you can use its peer-to-peer streaming as a makeshift security camera. Usually $200, you can grab the YoCam Versatile Waterproof HD Camera for just $99.99. Today, you can use code CYBER20 at checkout to take an additional 20% off and bring the total to just $79.99.

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