New Airlink Bluetooth Adapter Turns Your Headphones Wireless

New Airlink Bluetooth Adapter Turns Your Headphones Wireless

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Liberate your smartphone from the hassle of wires using the new Airlink Bluetooth adapter by the start-up company called Neorb Lab. This palm-size gadget allows you to stream audio from your smartphone to any headphones wirelessly, anytime, anywhere. Neorb Lab lives by their motto of "simplicity in design and function is beautiful", and that is exactly evident in their initial product that is sleek and user-friendly.

[Image Source: Neorb Lab]

Wireless music

Airlink is a portable and lightweight Bluetooth adapter that eliminates the need for wires in order to connect to smartphone devices. The latest Bluetooth V4.2 single chip allows users to stream or transfer music from any iOS and Android smartphones to headphones. This Bluetooth technology produces 24bit of stereo audio and supports 14 bands PEQ, which delivers high-fidelity DSP sounds. It's equipped with three intuitive side buttons that give you the following music and smartphone controls: volume up, volume down, play, pause, skip, forward, backward, accept/decline, and end a call.

[Image Source: Neorb Lab]

You don't need to splash out on those pricey, Bluetooth-compatible headsets and earphones. Traditional headphones, earbuds, and speakers can be plugged in to Airlink through the standard 3.5mm audio port. The device only takes 30 minutes to fully charge up and can be continuously used up for 8 hours of heavy music playtime. All of these amazing features are packed into a small, portable and lightweight Bluetooth device that only weighs 20g.

[Image Source: Neorb Lab]

Built-in microphone

Airlink is not just limited to listening to music - it can also be used for answering, declining and ending calls. Its built-in microphone possess echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, which allow users to communicate clearly in various types of surroundings. Moreover, you can control and dish out commands on your smartphone's voice assistant using the built-in microphone.

[Image Source: Neorb Lab]

Another cool and interesting feature of Airlink is that it's enhanced by a Bluetooth shutter module built inside. This means that users can take pictures remotely by tapping on the physical shutter on Airlink. It's perfect for those angled, arm-length selfies where it's difficult to tap the capture button on your smartphone's screen. The remote shutter is located beside the audio port at the top of the device.

This Bluetooth adapter device is Neorb Lab's first finished prototype product, which proved to perform well after long hours of testing. The start-up company will be releasing Airlink via Indiegogo soon. For a chance to win a free Airlink or to get an early bird price of $25, sign up to Neorb Lab's mailing list.

Via Neorb Lab

Featured Image Source: Neorb Lab

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